RDP RDP, India’s leading IT Hardware Manufacturing & Services company having Strong Presence in India & MEASA ( Middle East,Africa and South Asia) Region. Started with a mission to provide Simplified.. Affordable.. Computing.. Solutions across the planet earth RDP is proud to be called as “One Stop Shop for all Computing needs”
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RDP, India’s leading IT Hardware Manufacturing & Services company having Strong Presence in India & MEASA ( Middle East,Africa and South Asia) Region. Started with a mission to provide Simplified.. Affordable.. Computing.. Solutions across the planet earth

RDP is proud to be called as “One Stop Shop for all Computing needs”

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RDP Showcased its Wide Range of Laptops & Mini PC’s in CeBIT 2016 Bangalore

RDP the India’s leading Mobility and IT Manufacture company has showcased its wide range of products in the Largest Technology IT Show CeBIT Bangalore. The range of products displayed and available for demo includes Laptops, Tablets, Mini PC’s & Thin Clients.
CeBIT is India’s leading Technology IT Show held in Bangalore from 8th to 10th Dec. Almost 300 exhibitors have participated & tentative footfalls were 25000/-

The RDP Spokesperson Mr Venu Gopal -Zonal Manager for Karnataka & Tamilnadu Region said “ we have been participating in CeBIT since last three years, its one of the Great platform to showcase Cutting Edge Technology Products and we are witnessing huge response to our recent launched Laptop which is India’s first 14.1” laptop available at just 9999/- .Along with that we are getting tremendous response for our other Cost effective computing devices like Thin Clients & Mini PC’s.

About RDP

RDP is India's Leading IT Hardware & Mobility Devices Manufacturing Company. It was incorporated in 2012 with a mission to provide simplified and affordable computing & mobility solutions, and has grown rapidly to establish a strong presence across India. The company’s Sales & Support Personnel are spread across major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad. RDP’s dealer network comprises of nearly 1000+ dealers pan-India and the company has set-up over 100 Support Centers across India to offer simplified after sales support.

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Introducing XL-500P - a versatile Thin Client

(Thin Clients in Mumbai | Thin Client Solutions in Mumbai | Mini PCs in Mumbai)

RDP introduced the company’s latest innovation XL-500P, which works as Thin Client, Mini PC and VDI Client with power packed performance. This device delivers outstanding performance and low power consumption.

XL-500P comes in two variants 2GB RAM, 16GB mSATA flash and the other comes with 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD with Intel Celeron Dual Core 2.41 GHz processor and Linux operating system, this powerful device measures 220mm x 195mm x 50mm and it provide stunning visuals with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. It features with wide range of USB and I/O ports: 5 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 2 serial, 1 parallel and HDMI which are needed for all kind of desktop users.

Yet in recent years, Thin Clients have become fully functional terminals, nearly it is indistinguishable from a standard PC in terms of performance. XL-500P offers a cost-effective, space-saving and ultra-reliable performance that can help to optimise your business in a number of ways. Mainly in any business switching to Thin Clients means securing all of your data in the central server from thefts or accidental loss of sensitive information and these are easy to add new users when your business expand because it is cost effective and simple to set up, In schools and colleges you can extend the lifespan of computers by converting into Thin Clients to have a single point of administration by this it reduces overall administration costs and teacher can monitor the student workstation from the administrator itself instead of visiting individual.

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Best Laptops in India | RDP Thin Book India's Most affordable Laptop

( Best Laptops | Laptops Under 15000 | Laptops under 20000 | Laptops in Mumbai)

RDP is unveiling India’s most affordable Laptop a new range of offering Laptops with budget price, The main aim is to become a global brand and to provide Laptops to all sectors with sleek design and stylish features.

RDP Laptop comes with Intel x5 processor and 2GB RAM, 32GB storage RDP Laptop are with 1366 x 768 pixels software and due to high USB 3.0 speed, it allows data transfer speed 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and Power consumption is less in RDP Laptops.

Laptops are becoming most inevitable gadgets in humans life, Technology innovation brings most cost effective solutions to invite Rapid Changing technology in their day to day life but country like India few people are unable to buy laptops due to price. Especially people living in Tier 2, 3 Cities & Rural areas are trying to explore the information around the Globe but they couldn’t able to do that due to Price Factors. To make India most Technology Centric RDP has Introduced a laptop for Just 9999/- thru this all sorts of people can afford a laptop and fulfill their Dreams. And a Laptop with internet Connection brings everything to students fingertips, it offers students to access educational information on the internet and conversant about news to become technological whizzes and can help with the overburdened work.

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Advantages of Mini Computer | Best Mini PCs in India

( Mini Computers in India | Mini PC's in India | Best Computers in Mumbai)

RDP Mini PCs are More powerful and Compact in Sizes which can save 70% of Desk space. Mini PC’s are gaining high adoption rate in today's corporate world to save their office space, cost and security. Major Corporate Houses are inclined towards Mini PC because of its groundbreaking features and advantages.

Space Saving : Office Space is the biggest constraint for any business whether its SME’s or large Scale Companies. People are looking for Smart Solution and opting for Cloud based solutions but that doesn’t yield them anything and end up in Traditional Computing.. But RDP Introducing the Combination of Space Saving & More productive solution with Its Compact Mini PC’s which saves 70% of Desk space and gives pleasant working environments

Affordability : RDP Mini PC are available in various Models & Cost Effective

Green Computing : Power consumption is one of the key factor in PC’s, RDP Mini PC Consumes low power & almost can save 40% Power Bills

Maintenance : RDP Mini PC’s are well designed for Airflow and powered with advanced Cooling Technology which makes them to run 24/7 and doesn’t required much maintenance assistance. Amount of heat computer generated is relation to the amount of work it does but in mini PC it generates less heat and it is easier to cool and have low utility bills.

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Wide Range of RDP Thin Clients - One Stop for all Computing Needs

(Thin Clients in Mumbai | Thin Clients in Delhi | Thin Clients in Bangalore)

RDP - The Leading IT hardware manufacturing Company having wide range of Thin Clients and Zero Clients which are alternative to Desktop Computers. RDP Thin Clients are Cost Effective, robust and powerful performance, these are designed to be flexible, ascendable and secure.

High End Thin Client : XL-500:

RDP Introduced the High End Thin Clients called as XL-500 has advanced virtualization features than the existing Thin Clients due to vast hardware lightweight and processing power it can be used by individual, Processed by Intel Celeron 2.41 GHZ Dual Core with Linux Operating System, 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Powerful & Advanced Thin Client/ Mini PC - XL-200c:

Most Economical High End Thin Clients are XL-200c it is designed with elevated performance it can be used as a combination of Thin Client, Mini PC, VDI client it is specialized with its broad range of applications. XL-200c is small, powerful and predictable it can be used as Thin Client, Mini PC, VDI client. Which comes with Intel Quad Core Processor upto 1.84GHz (x5-Z8300) and 2GB DDR3L RAM and 32GB storage.

Multimedia Zero Client - AL-400:

RDP Zero Client ‘AL-400’ has redefined Sharing Computing Solutions by Overcoming the challenges of existing Traditional Zero Clients by giving uncompromised Rich Desktop Experience at ⅓ of PC Cost. It has got 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 VGA & 1 GBPS Lan Port, Audio in & Audio out. Because of its Tiny size 124mm(W)X 75mm(L)X 26(H) we can easily mount back on monitor backside so that completely save 100 % Deskspace, results can effectively Operate More number of devices in modest workspaces.

Most Economical Thin Client - AW-100:

Most Economical Thin Clients termed as AW-100 comes with 1000 MHz Arm Processor and 512MB RAM 512MB Flash memory. It is mainly designed for Educational Institutions and small & Medium business with high security, immense features and impressive ARM processor design.

   Over a month ago

Advantages of Thin Clients In Education & Corporate Industry

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Thin Clients are Substitute to PC’s with its ample of advantages, blazing performance and Intuitive Manageability. Thin Clients are designed to utilize the maximum resources of the System.

Thin Clients are widely Used in Educational Institutions to bring Computing technology for the students to provide dynamic learning & making the Students abreast with Contemporary Changes in Real Time. Thus able to Possible only with Thin Clients that brings the technology to every desk.

Thin Clients are affordable in terms of Hardware and Software compared to PC and apart from that Thin Clients are less chances of getting problems, if the system crashes its recovery is faster and lessens the end of technical assistance for any problem or recovery. If they allow students to analyze real data in their research without modifying or removing data either deliberately or unconsciously. Users can get same application and performance from wherever they log in the lab

Coming to Corporate, Thin Clients are more popular and widely used because of its better security and enhancements besides that Everything is centralized. Thin Client Computing is the Best & Affordable way for BPO’s, SME’s, Corporates and other Enterprises, Instead of replacing the hardware or software in hundreds of PC’s it makes sense to switch to centralized managed Thin Clients Environment.

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